• Did you say cone?

  • I said I-CONICA!

I-CONICA is the latest revolution in the ice-cream parlour.
Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy,the I-CONICA sweet and savoury wafer cone production machines allow you to create your own, customised cones in your favourite flavours and shapes directly on your premises.

The revolution in the ice-cream parlour, in 6 models


Baked, filled and enjoyed

Light and manually operated, I-CONICA Light is the benchtop machine that produces three wafer cones simultaneously in about one minute.


Wafers and cones a go-go

I-CONICA Duo is the patented stand-alone solution on wheels that produces wafers and cones for ice-cream parlours, pastry shops and yoghurt shops.


Unique, amazing, magical

Change style with I-CONICA Logo, the patented machine that allows you to change the shape of the cone by simply replacing the baking mould, producing four cones at the same time.


The automatic machine of your dreams

I-CONICA Matic is the patented machine for the production of four wafer cones, automatically managing the dosing, baking and cleaning functions. You can change the shape of the cone by replacing the mold without difficulty.


Two in one, cones and ice-cream

On one side cones, on the other ice-cream: with I-CONICA Flex you can produce three cones wafers on the spot and take your ice-cream with you wherever you go.


The alternative break you were looking for

The novelty in the world of food. Ideal for bistros and coffee bars thanks to its small size, it produces small glasses and mini cones for an alternative aperitif.

I-CONICA awaits you!

Thinking of introducing our machines into your ice-cream parlour, pastry shop, or restaurant?

You can choose between buying, or renting from 3 to 60 months:
we deliver the machine to you, you test it and decide whether to buy it or return it.
As easy as enjoying an ice-cream!

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What if you could also make savoury cones?

Thanks to the creative freedom offered by the
I-CONICA machines with regard to the mixture,
they are ideal for making gourmet savoury recipes for catering and finger food at events, ceremonies, caterings and banquets.

I-CONICA on tour!

Our machines set tongues wagging… and make people lick their lips!
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