• I-CONICA Light: baked, filled and enjoyed

I-CONICA Light is the small benchtop machine with manual mechanical operation, which produces 3 wafer cones in about one minute.

Suitable for installation in any space, I-CONICA Light connects to the mains and needs no special attention.

Simple to use, with just a few steps the mixture is poured into the dosing unit, then into the mould, and the machine is closed.

After the waiting time is up, move the top support, open the bottom one and the cones will be ready. The drawer provided collects the baked cones, ready to be sold and eaten.

The features of I-CONICA Light

  • EI-CONICA Light is equipped with a single mould, to be chosen at the time of purchase or rental
  • EThe flavour of the cone can be changed with each batch baked
  • EThe machine is fitted with an alarmed timer
  • EStandard cone size is 54x140mm with diamond print
  • EIt is possible to customise the cone with your logo and design, subject to technical checks on production feasibility and issuance of a specific quote

The accessories supplied with I-CONICA Light

  • ESteel dosimeter
  • ESteel tray for collecting baking residue
  • ECleaning material kit
  • ESpatula
  • EPlexiglass storage drawer
  • EDensimeter
  • EPair of replacement pistons

33L x 64P x 54h

approx. 40 kg

Power supply and mains:
220V – 50/60 Hz single-phase – 2 kW