• I-CONICA Flex: two in one, cones and ice-cream

Still at the prototype stage but already ready to impress with its flexibility, I-CONICA Flex is the all-in-one solution for producing three wafer cones on the spot and filing them with four, six or eight flavours of ice-cream thanks to the wells inserted on the side.

The features of I-CONICA Flex

  • EBench with manually operated machine
  • E4, 6 or 8 wells
  • EProduction of three wafer cones simultaneously
  • EPossibility of customised equipment according to well requirements

The accessories supplied with I-CONICA Flex

  • ESteel dosimeter for 3 cones
  • ESteel tray for waste collection
  • ECleaning material kit
  • ESpatula
  • EPlexiglass storage drawer
  • EDensimeter
  • EPair of replacement pistons

130/210L x 90P x 95H

approx. 120 kg

Power supply and mains:
230V – 50/60 Hz single-phase – 2 kW for cone production