• Savoury cones and ice-cream for catering and finger food

Unleash your creativity in the kitchen with the versatility of the I-CONICA machines.

Customise your savoury mixtures and create gourmet recipes that are innovative, tasty and unusual.

Here are some ideas for amazing your guests and fellow diners developed for us by Oliver Betancourt, chef of the Cuculia restaurant.


100% wholemeal flour cone

Black truffle mousse

Chopped walnut and orange zest topping


Turmeric cone

Green courgette mousse

Almond stick and lemon zest topping


Turmeric cone

Lime avocado cream

Crispy plantain and fresh coconut topping


Cuttlefish ink cone

Greek yoghurt mousse

Herring roe, orange tips and oyster leaf topping

Discover and enjoy the savoury gourmet cones made with I-CONICA machines.

These lucky customers have already done so:

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