• I-CONICA Matic: the automatic machine of your dreams

I-CONICA Matic is the patented machine for the production of four cones printed in about one minute, with automatic dosing, cooking and cleaning functions.

Change the taste and colour of your mixtures by blending natural extracts, aromas and essences into the base to give your cones a unique touch.

The features of I-CONICA Matic

  • EMould interchangeable with different shapes and sizes
  • EProduction of four cones simultaneously
  • EThe machine can be set in automatic mode or to bake on demand
  • EThe container basket is equipped with a fill sensor for storing the cones
  • EAutomatic cleaning system
  • EWheels for moving the machine around easily
  • ESoftware system for Industry 4.0

The accessories supplied with I-CONICA Matic

  • ESteel dosimeter for 4 cones
  • EDensimeter

75L x 98P x 160h

150 kg approx

Power supply and mains:
220V – 50/60 Hz single-phase 3kw

Patent approved